New book published: Foundations

Overnight (NZ time) my memoir/literary nonfiction novel, Foundations was published. All versions (Paperback, Epub and Kindle) are now available to purchase on Amazon or in a number of other online stores.

The paperback is distributed through Ingram so bookstores and libraries can purchase it. In New Zealand, libraries can order it through Wheelers. The ebook can be ordered by libraries through Draft2Digital. There are more details on my author page.

Foundations digs deep into the histories of Aotearoa, Australia, Kanaky New Caledonia, Louisiana, France and the French-speaking world, offering a critical reading of colonialism and highlighting stories of resistance. As a scholar of colonial, postcolonial and anti-colonial history, literature and linguistics, Foundations draws very much on my research. However, I have written it to be enjoyed by anyone with a curiosity about the world we live in, an interest in local, regional and global histories and in life’s complex journeys.

Foundations speaks to audiences in Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific but also has a strong transnational element that would make it appealing to a larger international readership. Confronting, brutally honest, poignant and with a good dose of humour, the book highlights stories of power, control and abuse in the broadest and most intimate ways while asking existential questions around how we can make sense of our lives.

Once I receive my copies of the paperback, I will read a sample chapter from the book for Youtube and will link it to my blog and author page. In the meantime, when you have read the book, please consider leaving a review. Merci d’avance !

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