Appel à participants en Nouvelle-Calédonie

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Le tissage des liens entre les mondes coloniaux dans le Pacifique : Histoires orales des Réunionnais en Océanie au 19ème siècle Avez-vous des ancêtres qui ont quitté La Réunion au 19e siècle pour s’installer en Océanie ? Aimeriez-vous partager vos histoires de famille ou des photos ? Je serai à Nouméa…

Where to buy ‘Foundations’

Updates on where you can find my memoir/literary nonfiction novel, ‘Foundations’: In Aotearoa, the paperback (ISBN: 9780473636890) can be purchased from Unity Books in Wellington or online: Or from Good Books in Wellington or online: Or by contacting me directly: The paperback, ebook (ISBN: 9780473636906) and Kindle (ISBN: 9780473636913) versions are alsoContinue reading “Where to buy ‘Foundations’”

New book published: Foundations

Overnight (NZ time) my memoir/literary nonfiction novel, Foundations was published. All versions (Paperback, Epub and Kindle) are now available to purchase on Amazon or in a number of other online stores. The paperback is distributed through Ingram so bookstores and libraries can purchase it. In New Zealand, libraries can order it through Wheelers. The ebookContinue reading “New book published: Foundations”

Foundations is coming soon!

Historian Karin Speedy’s writing on power struggles and colonialism becomes personal when she investigates her own family stories. Her memoir reminds us that “…fascinatingly, unknowingly, sometimes spookily, we can find ourselves on paths once trodden by our forebears”. Genre: Memoir, history, literary nonfiction Publication date: 17 June 2022 ISBN: 978-0-473-63689-0 (Softcover POD), distributed by IngramSpark and Amazon; ISBN: 978-0-473-63690-6 (Epub),Continue reading “Foundations is coming soon!”

Marsden Fund grant success

Associate Professor Karin Speedy has been awarded a Marsden Fund grant in the 2021 round for her trans-imperial historical project titled, ‘When colonial worlds connect: trans-imperial networks of forced labour between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the untold stories of Reunionese Creoles in Oceania’. How interconnected was the colonial Pacific? To what extent wasContinue reading “Marsden Fund grant success”

Things that make you go hmmm: cinemas, sores and intergenerational palimpsests

Here’s one of those weird stories that make you go hmmm. A few years ago, I read Mum one of my poems (Tropical Depression) that I had written about a missionary nun in the Pacific. The poem contained a very graphic description of leg sores that the nun, one of the missionary sisters of theContinue reading “Things that make you go hmmm: cinemas, sores and intergenerational palimpsests”

Migrations Métamorphiques

J’ai eu le grand plaisir à participer samedi matin à une discussion animée et très intéressante sur les liens tissés au 19e siècle entre l’Océan Indien et le Pacifique par le biais des travailleurs (engagés et libres, affranchis, petits blancs et Malabars) qui ont quitté La Réunion afin d’améliorer leur statut social dans une colonieContinue reading “Migrations Métamorphiques”

Snippets of francophone literature in translation

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September 30th is International Translation Day. What better time to share a few excerpts of my favourite francophone texts that I have translated over the years? These particular snippets were ones I used in my literary translation courses, each presenting numerous types of challenges to the translator. The first is from…