Where to buy ‘Foundations’

Updates on where you can find my memoir/literary nonfiction novel, ‘Foundations’: In Aotearoa, the paperback (ISBN: 9780473636890) can be purchased from Unity Books in Wellington or online: https://unitybookswellington.co.nz/product/foundations/ Or from Good Books in Wellington or online: https://shop.goodbookshop.nz/p/foundations Or by contacting me directly: speedyresearchconsulting@gmail.com The paperback, ebook (ISBN: 9780473636906) and Kindle (ISBN: 9780473636913) versions are alsoContinue reading “Where to buy ‘Foundations’”

Migrations Métamorphiques

J’ai eu le grand plaisir à participer samedi matin à une discussion animée et très intéressante sur les liens tissés au 19e siècle entre l’Océan Indien et le Pacifique par le biais des travailleurs (engagés et libres, affranchis, petits blancs et Malabars) qui ont quitté La Réunion afin d’améliorer leur statut social dans une colonieContinue reading “Migrations Métamorphiques”

A Pacific Blackbirding Narrative

This post was first published on The Coastal History Blog, blog 34. Georges Baudoux’s Jean M’Baraï the Trepang Fisherman, is a masterful, ambiguous, semi-fictional novella that relates the brutal history of the Kanaka trade and highlights 19th century imperial connections between the French and British Pacific.[1] First published in 1919, based on the real lives of three métis orContinue reading “A Pacific Blackbirding Narrative”