Church at the former Saint-Louis mission, Kanaky Nouvelle-Calédonie. Photo credit: Karin Speedy.

I am very pleased to offer several different teaching options through my business including:

  • guest lectures
  • online teaching
  • private lessons, tutoring and coaching
Associate Professor Karin Speedy

Teaching and learning are transformational for both student and teacher. Over the course of my career, I have taught a huge variety of students – undergraduates, postgraduates, PhDs, high school students, adult learners in French companies, continuing education students and private students – in New Zealand, France and Australia.

I have nearly twenty years experience as an academic in French and Francophone Studies and have taught many different subjects and courses including French language, history, literature, linguistics, culture and translation. As a research leader, I have supervised and examined numerous Masters and PhD theses.

My leadership in teaching and curriculum development has been recognized through three Learning & Teaching Awards and Citations including the prestigious National Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2011.

In addition to French, I have taught ESL in New Zealand, English, English literature and translation as an academic subject at the Sorbonne (Paris IV) and business English in French companies such as Renault, Peugeot, EADS, Sanofi and Intercontinental Hotels.

Karin lectured me French Translation at Macquarie University. Karin is a prolific and fascinating academic. She was an approachable and supportive lecturer with the ability to sensitively guide me towards higher standards of work. I remember looking forward to reading her comments, never dreading them!

Alison Windsor, Certified French-English Interpreter, Sydney, Australia
Guest lectures

With Covid-19 amongst us, much tertiary teaching around the world has moved online. This has both pros and cons but one benefit is that it allows for experts to Zoom into classrooms/lecture halls from almost anywhere. I am currently collaborating in this way with the University of New Caledonia but I welcome any enquiries from university colleagues who would like me to give a guest lecture in their course via Zoom.

My research specialisms include colonial, transnational and trans-imperial Pacific and French and Francophone history, literature, literary translation and Creole linguistics (especially Tayo). I have deep knowledge of the history and literature of Kanaky New Caledonia and networks of forced labour (blackbirding) in the Pacific as well as the translation of postcolonial literature. For more details, see my CV.

Please contact me at contact@speedyresearchandconsulting.com if this is something that you would like to explore with me.

Online Teaching

I have extensive experience in online teaching and curriculum development for online courses. At Macquarie University where I was Head of French and Francophone Studies, I taught a combination of face-to-face and distance students for 13 years. The distance students were taught via online teaching platforms including Moodle and Blackboard.

My particular teaching interests centre around French colonialism, postcolonial literature, decolonial history and anti-colonial resistance with a focus on the Pacific. In my academic teaching, I enjoy bringing my research to the classroom and my  interdisciplinarity  facilitates exploration of a wide range of theories, approaches, perspectives, frameworks, cultures, philosophies, and texts which in turn encourages students to broaden their world views.

I am available for any online tertiary teaching that falls into any of my areas of expertise (French, English, History, Literature, Translation Studies, Cultural Studies etc.). As it is with guest lectures, Covid-19 has made this kind of teaching across borders possible and I find the thought of sharing my knowledge and interacting with students around the world very exciting.

Please contact me at contact@speedyresearchandconsulting.com if you are looking for an online teacher to collaborate with you.

Private lessons

I am available for private lessons, tutoring and coaching both online and, for Wellington residents (Covid-19 permitting), in person. I offer language lessons at all levels in French and English, academic tutoring or coaching/advising for postgraduates in French, History, Literature, English, Translation studies, Cultural Studies etc.

Please contact me at contact@speedyresearchandconsulting.com if you are looking for private lessons.

Watch this space

I am in the process of creating some online courses that I will offer through Thinkific. Once these are up and running, I will post details here.

Early morning view from Mount Maunganui. Photo credit: Karin Speedy.

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