Sarah Welland

A recommendation from one of my research mentees:

“Thank you Karin. Once again, our session really helped me to clarify my thoughts. Thank you for your wisdom (and patience!).”
Sarah Welland, Senior Academic, OPNZ

Dr Denis Crowdy

“I can’t imagine you could get better experience, expertise or efficiency for research services and/or translation than here. Highly recommended.”

Ethnomusicologist, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Associate Professor Hilary Emmett

“Karin is a generous, collaborative and scholarly translator. The literary translation she did for me of texts associated with Toni Morrison’s guest curatorship at the Louvre not only does justice to the complexity and lyricism of this Nobel prize-winning author’s thinking and writing – no mean feat! – but has enriched my own understanding of these texts and their context immeasurably. I cannot recommend Speedy Research & Consulting highly enough.”

Associate Professor in American Studies, University of East Anglia, UK

Dr Margo Lecompte

“Karin was one of the best lecturers I ever had, always providing honest and constructive feedback.”

Former student (undergraduate, MRes and PhD) at Macquarie University, Sydney

Dr Mary Barton

“Karin is absolutely wonderful to work with! She is professional, communicative, efficient, and an excellent historian and researcher. While assisting me with archival research at the National Archives and Library of New Zealand, Karin provided helpful feedback regarding materials, met my shifting needs, and ensured that I received the records necessary for my project in a timely manner.”

Dr. Mary Barton, Author of ‘Counterterrorism Between the Wars: An International History, 1919-1937’, Washington, DC, USA

Dr Bahar Baser

“In my experience, Karin’s work is excellent. She has done a great job with my text under a tight deadline. She has been very kind since we started communicating and she provided a tailored service according to my needs. Everything was so clear and her corrections increased the quality of the text and strengthened my voice as the author. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs copy editing for academic writing.”

Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK

Dr Véronique Fillol

“J’ai rencontré Karin en 2003 au Vanuatu lors d’un séminaire d’une semaine du réseau d’observation du français dans le Pacifique et dès lors, nous avons partagé notre intérêt commun pour des questions et problématiques sociolinguistiques, les littératures et les arts dans le Pacifique francophone et une longue amitié.

Elle a toujours répondu présente aux invitations et sollicitations  : le colloque Stéréotypes et représentations en Océanie en 2004 à Nouméa, le séminaire international Vers une école plurilingue en Océanieà Nouméa en 2007, le colloque international autour des pratiques de recherche en sciences humaines et sociales (Terrains océaniens) dans le Pacifique et bien d’autres.

Notre dernière collaboration concerne sa traduction en français de l’une de ses publications autour du tayo (seul créole de Nouvelle-Calédonie) qui paraitra prochainement dans la collection des Cahiers du Pacifique sud contemporain aux éditions l’Harmattan et sa participation à un enseignement à distance intitulé Pluralités linguistiques et culturelles en Océanie devant les étudiants français et francophones de l’Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie.

Karin Speedy est une enseignante, chercheuse, traductrice brillante et rigoureuse ! Vous pouvez lui confier en toute confiance des travaux de recherche, relecture, traduction, écriture.”

Véronique Fillol, MCF sciences du langage, équipe de recherche Eralo, Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Emily Lau

“Dr Speedy was my lecturer for Intermediate French, Advanced French and French Translation at Macquarie University. She is one of the best lecturers I had at university. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable in French language and culture, as well as very approachable and willing to help her students. In addition to being a great lecturer, Dr Speedy regularly publishes articles and books in her academic areas of expertise. I feel very lucky to have been one of her students. I would recommend her subjects to any French Studies student and wish her every good wish for her future career endeavours.”

Associate (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) at Maddocks

Charlotte Londiche

“Dans les années 90, j’ai rencontré Karin alors professeur d’anglais pour les français en entreprise. Sa qualité d’enseignement, son intelligence, sa bienveillance m’ont fait grandement progresser. Depuis Karin effectue quelques traductions pour moi, toujours d’une très belle qualité. Depuis notre belle relation résiste aux kilomètres et au décalage horaire.”

Artiste peintre, Paris, France