Georges Baudoux’s Jean M’Baraï The Trepang Fisherman. Photo credit: Karin Speedy.

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I’m Karin Speedy and I am a highly experienced French to English translator (of 20+ years) and a full member of the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters (NZSTI) and the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT). I abide by the NZSTI Code of Ethics and Conduct. I hold a PhD in French Studies and am an academic, researcher and Associate Professor. While I am an accomplished, published writer in both English and French, I translate into my native English. I provide a fully professional, human translation service.

Certified Translations

I offer certified, approved translations from French to English of official documents for immigration, tertiary study, employment or medical purposes. My translations meet Immigration New Zealand, the Citizenship Office, NZQA and most other government department, tertiary institution or official requirements both in New Zealand and overseas. For standard documents, such as those listed below, I charge $60 NZD per document for delivery within three business days. If you require next day delivery, the charge is $70 NZD per document. Translations can be delivered electronically, picked up from my office in Lower Hutt, or posted to you by tracked ParcelPost or courier. Postage is at your expense.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptism Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Name Change Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

For certified translations of other official documents such as tertiary transcripts, degree certificates, diplomas, medical documents, employment records, references etc., please contact me for a quote.

Commercial and General Translations

A top quality translation makes a great impression. It must accurately convey your message in a seamless, fluid and culturally appropriate manner. I offer first class translations of French language business and marketing material into English. I translate customer facing publications including social media posts, blogs, and website text as well as more traditional material (brochures, adverts, press releases, reports etc.). I can also translate a wide variety of other business, personal, medical, and technical documents.

For this type of translation, I will need to see the document that you wish to translate so I can provide you with a quote. Please send it to me by email with the desired turnaround time and as much detail as you can about the nature of the project. When calculating the price, I take into consideration the text type, level of complexity, word count, and turnaround time. For a rough guide, a straightforward text starts from $30 NZD per 100 words and a highly complex or technical text from $40 NZD per 100 words. The minimum charge is $60 NZD per document. I can quote in NZD, AUD, EUR, CAD and USD.

Specialist translation Services

I offer specialist academic and literary translation services. I have spent well over 20 years as an academic working with a wide range of academic, archival, and creative texts in French and English. I have an in-depth understanding of the theory, intellectual content, styles and jargon used across the humanities and social sciences. Please contact me for the translation of academic texts including articles, chapters and books. I can also translate archival notes or secondary source texts.

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As an academic, I taught French translation for 13 years at Macquarie University, Sydney and have supervised and examined numerous postgraduate and PhD theses on translation. My specialist interest is literary translation, especially postcolonial texts, and I have translated two books of New Caledonian literature: a novel, Jean M’Baraï the Trepang Fisherman) and a bilingual collection of short stories (Half-Moon Lands) as well as a number of poems. I am an author of poetry myself. See my blog for some examples of my literary translations and original poems.

I have expert knowledge of varieties of French spoken outside of France and welcome translation enquiries from all Francophone writers and publishers.

For specialist translations, please send me the document(s) that you wish to translate by email so I can provide you with a quote. As for commercial translations, when calculating the price, I take into consideration the text type, level of complexity, word count, and desired turnaround time. For a rough guide, rates start from $35 NZD per 100 words. The minimum charge is $60 NZD per document. I can quote in NZD, AUD, EUR, CAD and USD. Book length projects will be calculated differently so please do contact me to discuss your needs.

Contact me
Karin Speedy
Terms and Conditions

As a professional translator, I provide accurate, impartial and confidential service and only accept projects that I am competent to undertake. Word counts are taken from the source language (French) document so I can give you an accurate quote and you know the price before I start the translation.

Payment shall be made immediately upon delivery of the invoice for all translations $1000 NZD and below. Where the account exceeds $1001 NZD and/or for new clients, an advance payment of 50% of the anticipated fee is required. The full fee must be paid prior to delivery of the completed translation. Payment may be made by direct credit/internet banking, via Wise (formerly TransferWise) in AUD, EUR, CAD or USD or in cash (if picking up the translation from my premises).

Additional fees will be payable if : (1) any investigation, inquiry, or research beyond that for a normal routine translation is required because of ambiguities in the document(s) to be translated; (2) additional services are required because the client has made changes in the document(s) to be translated after confirmation of the order; (3) the requested turnaround time is less than 24 hours.

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